Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Very Cold Tour Of Philly

Today, a new friend, Beth, came over and we did some exploring in my new neighborhood. First, we walked up to Market St. and stopped by the local Aldi supermarket. It's a small store, about a step and a half above the Shop N' Bag a block away from the apartment.

On the way, I got to see where the local subway stop is and we also came across this:

I picked up a few things at Aldi, we dropped them off at the apartment, and then made a stop in Upper Darby at Lane Bryant so I could pick up a couple of bras. After that, we headed into South Philly for a very tasty but also very chilly outdoor lunch here:

After lunch, we headed uptown to South Street and then down a very narrow street past the outdoor Italian market (funny, I don't recall seeing anyone who looked like an actual Italian there) and then up to the art museum where we visited this actual Italian:

After that, I was pretty frozen, so after a stop at Wawa for me to pick up a cup of hot coffee and some cigarettes we headed back to my place to yak for a little while.

All in all, a really fun day with a new friend who I'm sure I'll be spending more time with in the future, getting to know my new city a little better.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Jersey again for a couple of appointments and then I'll probably come back early and try to get some online job searching done. I applied online for a Starbucks job in Center City a couple of days ago, and got a "thanks, but no thanks" form letter email back within about six hours. Not an especially good sign, but of course, I'll keep trying.