Monday, February 29, 2016

On A Lovely Sunday Evening

It's  been two weeks since I moved to Philly from central New Jersey. In that time, I've started to become acclimated to my new home in Philadelphia. Stuff is starting to happen on the employment front...slowly, quietly, and out of the spotlight for now, but it is happening.

Tonight I had dinner at Allison and Megan Smith-VanKuyken's. They're so cool and I love them to death. It was great fun seeing them again and I know we'll be hanging out again soon. We have the best conversations.

I'm experiencing my new life in Philadelphia quickly developing and expanding into something real, and exactly what I was hoping for. Cool friends, great people to work with, and a great city for it to all happen in. The more time I spend in Philly, the more I like here and the more I realize how much I was missing out on living in suburbia.

I also did something else tonight that probably marks me as a true city dweller: I took an Uber over to Megan and Allison's and back home instead of driving. In Jersey, when you want to go somewhere, anywhere, you just get in the car and go. You might hit some traffic and then, but only rarely do you question if you'll be able to park when you get where you're going or how much it'll cost.

Living in the the city, you have to think about all of these things. I rarely have a problem finding a spot on the street near my place but in other areas of the city it's not always so easy. In addition, if you have to use metered parking you'll often find yourself paying as much or even more than you would taking an Uber so why not let someone else do the driving? Tonight I actually paid less for my Uber ride home than I paid for parking when I drove into Center City for my meeting the other day.

Ok, so if you count both rides it was more expensive than driving, even with the gas, but not by very much and what's the going rate of aggravation anyway? Like I said, I'm starting to think like a city dweller.

Damn, I'm already having a shitload of fun in Philly and I've only just gotten here. I can't wait to see what happens next.